The Fool (0) – Major Arcana

The Fool (0) – Major Arcana

The Fool (0)


The first card in the Major Arcana, which starts the story of “The Fool’s Journey”. In the most general sense, it indicates the first steps towards a new start and a new journey. It is a leap of faith that it will work out – the risks will be worth it. In the reverse position, it may indicate that there are some risks to consider. Keeping one’s eyes open in this leap of faith to any challenges which may arise would be advisable, however it is not reason enough to avoid the new journey.

Jung’s perspective on The Fool (0), as discussed by Mary K. Greer, summarizes to the following qualities: “A man who doesn’t take care on his way. Beginning and end. The fool has no home in this world; the home is in heaven. Dreamer, mystic side”. Looking at the card, it is not hard to see this. A young man is almost dancing off the side of a cliff in a dreamlike state, looking up at the sky. He has a goat nipping at his heals (some say he is a companion, some say the nipping is a warning of recklessness). The second card showing the volcano also represents recklessness – taking the leap of faith regardless of the impending risk of the unknown. What other impressions do you see on this card?

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